writing assignment 2

Using: Finsterbusch, K. (2012). Taking sides- Clashing views on social issues (15th â€“extended edition). Dubuque, IA: McGraw-Hall




      For all writing assignment you will select 5 (five) articles from your Taking Sides text book. The paper should be at least 2 pages long, but not more than 4 (1 Cover page, 2/3 body of the paper, and a 1 reference page = 2/3 pages). All papers must be typed and follow APA 6th edition writing requirements. Guidelines for using APA format will be posted on BB.

You must select different ones for each assignment due.  

            Must have the grading rubric attached to the back of the paper or you will loose 5 pts from the start.


            The paper must follow APA (6th ed.) format. You must have a title page and a reference page. A minimum of 2 pages and a maximum of 4 pages, including a title page and reference page (Remember—Double space, Times New Roman, 12 font, one inch margs)


            Grading Criteria: 50 points possible


________ On-time (50% reduction for late papers)


________ Title Page: Page header, page number, Running head, title, your name, and name of the University.Your name should not be in the running head or page number.   (3 points)


________ Summary: Include your initial reaction to the information (10 points), describe what you consider to be important information, in your own words (10 points), and discuss how you will use the information to expand and strengthen your own attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors about your views. (10 points)


_________Reference Page: a separate page which had a page number and the heading Reference centered on the page double spaced below the page number. Must be complete reference with author or title of article of no author also include date of publication or (n.d.) if there is no date. Include all appropriate information. See your handout for examples. (2 points) Will lose all points if states Work Cited


_________ Correct grammar, spelling and APA format. (15 points)


__________ Points /50  Points possible

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