Writing an essay about bucharest in romania

hi i need help with my essay, it’s about Bucharest in Romania  


it’s due in 4 hours

and i need the work in 3 and half hours at most


Prompt: My parents just offered me a trip to a European capital, but since I’ve already been to London, Paris, Rome and other places in Western Europe, I would like to give Eastern Europe a try. My friend Mike wants me to go to Prague, Lisa suggested Budapest, but I hear you are taking Romanian at ASU, and wonder if you may want to share some of your insight into Bucharest and help me make up my mind.   


From what you learned this week about Bucharest, write a 400-500 words essay attempting to explain why I should be selecting the Romanian capital

here is the ONLY sources that can be used in the essay. 


1- http://wikitravel.org/en/Bucharest


2- http://romaniatourism.com/bucharest.html


3- http://www.48hourvisit.com/two-days-in-bucharest-weekend-edition.html


4- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bucharest