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Write a 5-7 pp. (1250-1750 word) paper in which you formulate an analysis/argument that responds to the question prompts tied to the chosen case and includes additional research on the topic of focus at stake. 

Some Grading Criteria:

Has compelling introduction and subject heading title –makes you want to read it!

Well-developed thesis statement (that argues and explains view point – underline it!).

Uses clear examples from at least five other primary sources (like interviews, news or other testimonials) as well as secondary sources (like scholarly articles, books, commentary).  

Clearly ties sources to ideas from class and readings.

Offers insights on the case and ethical issues at stake. 

Persuasively argues a stance while engaging differing view points.

Persuasively argues for solutions to address aspects of the ethical issue or problem taken as focus.

All ideas are clearly presented, leading to a strong concluding paragraph.

Includes Work Cited (in either APA or MLA format) for given and chosen sources (not part of overall word count).

Final brief reflection on process: what was learned, what difficulties or questions, if any (also not part of overall word count).