work place stress discussion – min of 4 paragraphs

Physical injuries caused by your work, such as back strain and carpel tunnel syndrome, are covered by workers’ compensation. Additionally, illness and physical symptoms caused by workplace exposure to chemicals, asbestos and other harmful substances are covered by workers’ compensation as occupational diseases.

But what about workplace stress? If an employee’s need for medical or psychological treatment is caused by stress in the workplace, should workers’ compensation insurance have to pay for medical expenses and wage loss benefits? Is work-related stress a legitimate claim? Why or why not? If you were an employee filing such a claim, how would you substantiate this claim? On the flip side, if you were an employer whose employee filed this type of claim, how would you defend against it? Your posting should address each of these questions; you are encouraged to use outside resources to substantiate your position.

. Your initial posting should consist of a minimum of 4 full paragraphs. Please make certain to cite any outside sources used.

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