With this paper you will write instructions for your audience guiding

With this paper you will write instructions for your audience guiding them through a process, telling them how to do something. Your audience may be a general one (your classmates and me) or a more specific one (for example: your co-workers or family).


Think about what you are good at, something you are an expert at doing. It can be something to do with fixing computers, cleaning something, operating equipment, or whatever you decide on that will give you a paper that is close to 750 words. I don’t advise using a recipe as a topic. It rarely works well.


Make this paper something you can actually use, if you want. Is there something that you are constantly having to explain to a family member or coworker? If so, you might want to use that as your topic. Then you can direct them to your instructions when they have questions. 


How to write this paper:


Start by brainstorming a list of possible topics. Then choose one to write a quick rough draft on to see if it has enough detail for a long enough paper.


When you decide on your topic and begin to write your real draft, keep in mind who you are writing for: what they already know, what they need explained to them. Be sure to describe each step clearly so that your reader can follow your instructions.


Do not make this paper just a numbered list. While you may have numbered steps listed within your paper, most of it should be in paragraph form.  Be sure to include transitions like “first” and “then” to guide your readers through the process. 



After you have your draft written, get someone in your target audience to read it (group members or others) to see if they can follow your instructions. Adjust your instructions according to their feedback.