The assignment consist of 2 questions. Each question to be answered in 200 words in lenght and be specific with answers.

 Question 1

Briefly describe the adverse effects caused by exposure to radiation. Include some specific exposure levels associated with these significant health effects. Lastly, give some examples of measured radiation levels associated with the Three Mile Island incident in the U.S. and in the Chernobyl incident in the Soviet Union. Provide your reference source(s).


Question 2

Consider a van parked in a lot outside a professional football stadium in Atlanta, GA on a Sunday afternoon. One ounce of radioactive isotope Cesium 137 was mixed in with the explosive that has been detonated and has caused considerable blast damage. The dust cloud carries toward the nearby downtown area on a light wind speed of 10 mph. (Hint: website for helpful in answering this question).

a. How could the bomb have been detonated?

b. A professional emergency responder should be concerned about the following routes of radiation exposure for a person on scene and a person downtown?

c. What actions should an exposed person take during the immediate aftermath of the explosion?

d. Lastly, if radioactive material is involved in a disaster incident such as this and there is a fire ongoing in the area where the container is located (possibly the container itself), name five actions that should be taken to handle the situation.

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