Sql – creating erd and business analytical reports (queries) with

Create a database for an imaginary business must be normalized and populated.

Examples of imaginary business could be Pizza with Delivery,  Airport, Medical Office. Don’t choose a business with complicated logistics.

Your database will include an Event table (Order, Flight and Booking, Patient Appointment, Delivery, etc) with min 500 records for min 2 years or 10 months of data and 4-6 Master tables with a min of 30-50 records. 

– Need ERD, 15-20 Business Analytical Reports(queries) with Results

– Research Project You may create a story, or use your work project. The project must include: ● Written story, ● Database logical and physical design ( ERD, tables) , ● Data, ● SQL Queries that represent business questions that your database would address.

– The research project can be presented as a Powerpoint, minimum of 15-20 pages long in length including ERD, CreateTable SQL, SQL Queries with returned records, Charts/Graphs and references.