Social Science for Prof Miley only

Social Work System Short Paper


Write a short paper (maximum three pages, double-spaced) choosing one of these social work systems: child welfare, legal, or welfare (also known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF).

  • How are social problems “typified” (or socially constructed) in this system?
  • How are social justice issues framed in this system?
  • Explain and evaluate what social workers do when working in this system (this is a micro system perspective).
  • How do they obtain clients?
  • How do they assess needs, and design and deliver interventions?
  • What theoretical approaches guide their practices? (Refer back to Unit 4’s introductions on theoretical approaches.)
  • How do they validate their processes and practices (how do they know their interventions work)?
  • What do they need in terms of education, certification, and experience to work in this system?
  • How does the social work system influence the social problems in this system? (This is a macro system perspective.)
  • What is your appraisal of the relationship between the philosophical intentions of social work, the American mindset regarding this system and the people involved, and the social system itself?
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