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MIH 527- Module 4

Case Assignment

Understanding the Limitations in Risk Assessment

A prominent group of citizens approach you to discuss the new uses and limitations of risk assessments for risk management decision making. They expressed to you their concern that the State’s decision makers (State Senate and Assembly) were overly impressed with scientific studies and refused to see its limitations. Specifically, they were concerned that exposure assessments were based on invalidated mathematical models which used too many assumptions about population’s exposure. Write a 3-5+ page paper in which you respond to the following questions:

  1. How would you respond to the citizens concerns?
  2. Should all exposure assessments be based only on validated models? (Support your response with appropriate references.)
  3. How would you determine if the assumptions made about the population’s exposure are valid?

Be sure to justify your opinions with evidence from the literature. Your answer should be supported by references and the references should be cited in the body of your discussion as well as in a reference list.

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