modern matrix wk 3

1960s Part Two


Johnson’s Presidency


From the following list, choose five events from the 1960s.Identify the basic facts, dates, and purpose of the event in 2 to 3 sentences in the Identify column. Include why the event is significant in the Significance column, and add a reference for your material in the Reference column.




·The War on Poverty

·The Apollo Program

·The Department of Housing and Urban Development

·The Civil Rights Act of 1964

·Tax Cuts for Economic Growth

·Job Corps

·National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities

·National School Lunch Act of 1946

·Wilderness Act of 1964

·Food Stamp Act of 1964

·The Voting Rights Act of 1965

·The Immigration Act of 1965

·The Rolling Stones

·The Beatles

·Flower Children

·Abbie Hoffman and the Chicago Seven

·Kent State killings






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