Managing Diversity: Ethical, Legal, Communication, and Marketing Issues

Points of Law: The Barn Exam


2- You are an employer or manager in a small company of 60 employees. When employees adopt children, do you have to provide adoption leave?

3- As a manager in a retail store, you are concerned about the appearence of the employees who meet costumers. Can you impose a dress/appearence code, i.e., require that employees not wear nose rings, not have visible tattoos, etc.?

5- Faced with a bad economy, you are forced to lay off a substantial number of workers. To avoid being accused of age discrimination, what must you ensure?

6- Your local labor pool contains a large number of immigrants. If you hire people living in the U.S. illegally, what may happen? 

7- As part of your company’s health program, you would like to have the name of each employee’s doctor and a list of medications taken in case of a personal or workplace emergency. Can you require employees to provide this information?

10- You are the manager of a non profit organization employing 100 people. After demoting one of your 55 year old employee for excessive absences, she files a claim citing age bias. What do you have to prove and what does she have to prove?

11- Your employee of five years began exhibiting bizarre behavior on the job last year. It was discovered that he was using drugs illegally. At that time he claimed he would stop using them and his behavior returned to normal until a feel weeks ago whe he started acting strangely again. Can you insist he be tested for drugs?

12- Your employee in the previous question insists that he has disability and the drugs are a necessary accommodation under the Americans with Disability Act. Must you agree to allow this, i.e., is this employee protected under ADA?

14- A woman applying for a job requiring foreign language translation skills has qualifying disability. Another applicant without a disability has better foreign language skills, however. Must you hire the woman with the disability?

17- In two weeks there will be an election and many of your employees expect to vote, does the law allow employees time of to vote?

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