Leadership in nursing practice 1500 word due 5/24/21


Reflection #2


Use the attached textbook and corresponding chapters to   respond to the questions below in APA 7th edition format with at least 4 scholarly sources. Total word count should   be 1500. Textbook must be used.

Part 1:

Question A:  Chapter 9—A) Describe a clinical situation during which you made an important decision that affected patient care. What specific content in this chapter applied to that situation?  B) What was the outcome?

Question B: Chapter 10 —A) Describe how a difference in gender, generation, culture and organization can affect communication.  B) After reading pp 154-156 about communicating with a supervisor, what information did you feel was most valuable in this section and why?

Question C: Chapter 11 – A) Evaluate the delegation process, include the steps in delegation, key behaviors of delegation and the implication of accepting delegation. B) Discuss the difference between responsibility, accountability and authority as it relates to delegation provide example for each.

Question D: Chapter 12 – A) Discuss the 5 parts of Homans Framework B) Explain the difference between a formal and an informal group provide example for each. 

 Part 2:  Address your ‘a-ha moment’ for this week: Something that was a realization for the week, that really opened your eyes, changed your perceptions and/or something that you now know that you will remember forever. It may be from another class or clinical but the topic must have a direct connection to something in this course.