J. d. power and associates conducts vehicle quality surveys to

J. D. Power and Associates conducts vehicle quality surveys to provide automobile manufacturers with consumer satisfaction information about their products (Vehicle Quality Survey, January 2010). Using a sample of vehicle owners from recent vehicle purchase records, the survey asks the owners a variety of questions about their new vehicles such as those that follow. For each question, state whether the data collected are categorical or quantitative and indicate the measurement scale being used.

a. What price did you pay for the vehicle?
b. How did you pay for the vehicle? (Cash, Lease, of Finance)
c. How likely would you be to recommend this vehicle to a friend? (Definitely Not, Probably Not, Probably Will, and Definitely Will)
d. What is the current Mileage?
e. What is your overall rating of your new vehicle? A 10-point scale ranging from 1 for unacceptable to 10 for truly exceptional was used.