Information Systems/ Health IT Assignment Paper



The article “Making IT Happen” provides an overview of the HIMSS Davies Award requirements and strategies for implementing the EMR/EHR. 

The previous award recipients and the documentation on how to apply for an award is located at:

There are two documents from the Davies award website that describe the requirements and how to apply for a Davies Award.

Look at an EHR, such as Practice Fusion, or other EHR you have access to, and review the documents describing what is required to apply for a Davies Award.

Write a 3-5 page paper describing how you would implement your chosen system at a healthcare facility in a manner that would meet the requirements to apply for a Davies award.  You do not need to address every item listed in the attached document but focus on what you think will be the most important to achieve the required levels of adoption. Discuss the benefits you want to achieve in your implementation and how you would ensure that they are met.  Are there metrics you would use?  Measurements you would make before and after the implementation?  Reports you would produce?  How would you conduct your workflow assessment?  How would that help you meet your goals?  These are some example questions to get you started.  You may include screen prints from the system you are implementing if applicable to your discussion of your implementation process.

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