Hrm635 human resource management: training and development unit 1 | HRM635 Human Resource Management: Training and Development | Park University


1. Consider how training and development is influenced by, and in turn can influence, other human resource functions. In particular, give an example of how training and development can influence and is influenced by activities within each of the following human resource areas: recruitment, selection, HR planning, performance appraisals, compensation, and health and safety.

2.  Assume you are a director of training and development in a small organization. In order to reduce expenses, the company president has decided to cut the training budget in half and reduce the amount of training provided to employees. The president has asked to meet with you to discuss these plans. Your job is to prepare a short presentation to persuade the president to change his/her mind. What will you say and what can you do to convince the president of the importance of and need for more, not less, training and development?