Fin-355-h7385 – final milestone i’m not sure if you read my april 11

 FIN-355-H7385 – Final Milestone
I’m not sure if you read my April 11 announcement that the final paper is “essentially a
polished version of Milestones 1 and 2″. If you would have made improvements to your
first milestone, and combined with the two second milestone papers, you would probably
would have received a B or higher.
Your grade as it currently stands fore Milestone 3 is 46%.
The final grades are due to be submitted Tuesday April 26. I can give you an incomplete
and give you some time to resubmit your paper, but I will need you to reach out to me
and let me know if you are willing to re-write the paper. If so, can you have it to me by no
later than Thursday.