Exp19_access_ch03_ml2 – investment properties 1.2

 Exp19_Access_Ch03_ML2 – Investment Properties 1.2 

 Exp19 Access Ch03 ML2  Investment Properties 1.2 

 Access Chapter 3 Mid-Level 2 – Investment Properties 


Project Description:

You are in charge of Dysan Investment ‘s database, which contains all of the information on the properties your firm has listed and sold. Your task is to determine the length of time each property was on the market before it sold. You also need to calculate the sales commission from each property sold. Two agents will receive commission on each transaction: the listing agent and the selling agent. You also need to summarize the sales data by employee and calculate the average number of days each employee ‘s sales were on the market prior to selling and the total commission earned by the employees 


Start Access. Open the   downloaded Access file named Exp19_Access_Ch03_ML2_Investment_Properties.accdb.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename.


Create a new query in Design   view using all three tables. Add the following fields, in the order given:   from the Agents table, add the LastName field; from the Properties table, the   DateListed, DateSold, SalePrice, SellingAgent, and ListingAgent fields; and   from the SubDivision table, the Subdivision field.


Add criteria to the query to   ensure that the DateSold field is not empty (hint: you will need to use NULL   as part of the criteria). Run the query to ensure empty fields are not   displayed for the DateSold field. Return to Design view.


Format the SalePrice field as   Currency. Save the query as Sales Report.


Create a calculated field in the   first empty field named DaysOnMarket that will calculate the number of days each sold   property was on the market when it sold. Add a caption of Days on   Market.


Create another calculated field   in the first empty field named ListComm that will calculate the listing agent’s commission based on the   sales price and a listing commission rate of 3.5%. Add a caption of Listing Commission and format the field as   Currency.


Create another calculated field   in the first empty field named SellComm that will calculate the selling agent’s commission based on the   sales price and a selling commission rate of 2.5%. Add a caption of Selling Commission and format the field as   Currency.


Save the query and switch to   Datasheet view. Add a Total row. Calculate the average number of days on the market   and the sum for the SalePrice and the two commission fields. Save and close   the query.


Create a copy of the Sales   Report query named Sales Summary by Last Name. Switch to Design view and   remove the DateListed, SellingAgent, ListingAgent, and Subdivision fields.


Display the Total row in Design   view. Group by LastName and change the DateSold field Total row to Where.   Show the sum of SalePrice, the average of DaysOnMarket, and the sum for both   ListComm and SellComm.


Change the caption for the   SalePrice field to Total Sales and format of the DaysOnMarket field as Fixed. Run   the query. Adjust column widths as necessary. Adjust the Total row in the   Datasheet view so it shows the sum of Total Sales. Save and close the query.


Create a copy of the Sales   Summary by Last Name query named Sales Summary by Subdivision. Open the query in Design view   and replace the LastName field with the Subdivision field, ensuring the Total   row is set to Group By


Sort the query results so the   lowest average Days on Market is first and the highest average Days on Market   is last. Limit the results to the top five values


Close all database objects.   Close the database and then exit Access. Submit the database as directed.