Ending hiv? sangamo biosciences and gene editing case study

Ending HIV? Sangamo Biosciences and Gene Editing 

Sangamo Biosciences had developed zinc-finger nucleases (ZFNs), a technology that could edit the genes of a living individual.   

The technology had enormous potential, but it required a significant amount of R&D work to ensure that it was both precise enough, and would penetrate enough of an individual’s cells to make a difference. 

One of Sangamo’s ZFN programs was to develop a way to give people a mutation that would cure HIV.  This was obviously a HUGE opportunity. Drug development, however, is extremely expensive and risky, and Sangamo did not yet have revenues to fund its programs.

Sangamo thus had to decide whether to partner with another organization on the HIV program, and if so, how and with whom.

Discussion Questions:

1.What were the pros and cons of Sangamo pursuing its gene editing programs alone versus working with a partner?

2.Does the HIV program offer any special opportunities or challenges?

3.What do you think Sangamo should do regarding the HIV program? Should it license the technology to a large pharmaceutical? Should it form a joint venture with another biotech or pharma company? If so, who?