Deviant behavior | Criminal homework help

Each of your answers should be written using your own words. Do not copy and paste from your textbook or an Internet source. Simply copying from the book word-for-word does not show me that you understand the concepts. Ensure you cite your work and add reference(s) at the end of your journal. This assignment is designed to see if you are reading and understanding the material from your textbook and learning modules, so these should be the sources you are citing in your work. You should not need to do research from additional resources unless the question specifically asks you to do so; you should not be Googling the answers for these questions.Please review the APA module under the “Getting Started” area if you need assistance.  As a criminal justice professional, it is imperative that you learn the finer aspects of writing.  Citing and referencing are part of the gradable criteria for your weekly work.All questions are worth 20 points:

  1. Suicide is more of a sociological problem than a psychological problem. Create an argument agreeing or disagreeing with this statement.
  2. State and defend your position on pornography. Is pornography destructive to the family and society, socially useful material, or harmful to women? Why?
  3. Describe and discuss the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1993 definition of sexual harassment. What is that definition, and why does it represent an important change? Why do some people, especially conservative men, fear this new definition?
  4. Identify and describe the two traditional classifications of mental disorders. What are these types characterized by? Which is the most debilitating?
  5. Compare and contrast voluntary hospitalization and involuntary hospitalization for mental illness.