Case study 8.1 executive leadership

The write up should consist of a 15–16-page 7th edition APA formatted paper of the PPT (attached) and the following leadership skills and techniques questions answered. First write elaborately about the content mentioned in the PPT attached and then explain/answer the below questions.

1. Are you as a leader able to maintain a personal friendship with some member(s) of your work group or a team without creating the perception of favoritism?

2. What are your views on “Servant leadership”?  Is this contradictory or doable for you as a manager?

3. Describe how generational diversity affects the work implications of your organization or social environment?

4. What message does it send when the organizational culture encourages employees to view mistakes/problems as opportunities for improvement rather than a reason to blame or punish those involved?

5. How will Emotional Intelligence (EI) change, if at all, the way you view and eventually will manage your personal responses and actions and towards your employees?

Writing Requirement:

– 7th Edition APA format


– Provide Citations and References