Case presentation analysis | Nursing homework help


Submit a four (4) page analysis of the case that is outlined below. Spelling and grammar count, so be sure to check/review your paper prior to submission. Use APA formatting for citations and references (at least 3) to support your arguments. The reference page is not included in the page count.

In the introduction paragraph, include your position on whether or not the IRB should approve the study.

1.  What are the ethical issues and points of conflict in this case? (one full page, double spaced, and bulleted)

2.  Who are the interested parties affected by the issues/conflicts and what are their reasonable expectations? (one full page, double spaced, and bulleted)

3.  If the interested parties acted on their expectations what would be the probable consequences? REMEMBER: Consequences can be multifaceted. (one full page, double spaced, and bulleted)

4.  What are the obligations of the Amazing IRB? (one full page, double spaced, and bulleted)