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Requirement: APA formatting and 350 – 500 words

Framework of Vulnerability Assessment in cybersecurity operations
Implication of vulnerable assessment in physical security operations
Vulnerable assessment is explosive, volatile and unpredictable component in physical security operation:

    Provide detail narrative of VA explosive, volatile and unpredictable activities on organization asset?
    Provide detail narrative of VA explosive, volatile and unpredictable activities on rural community?


Requirement: Min 150 words
categorized as weakness, helplessness and defenselessness.
classified as inclusive wide range of approaches on assessment mechanism to measure skill acquisition and compliance with acceptable standards and procedures.
Vulnerability assessment (VA) is the process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing vulnerabilities, broad range of assessing measurable mechanisms, risk management, active planning, facility infrastructure, data and alarm communication systems. In addition, VA in this modern era must include collective assessment instrument relative to disaster management, threats on vulnerable innocent community and facility infrastructure. It is worth noting that Vulnerability Assessment (VA) is entrenched with standard requirements set forth by regulatory agency to assess and monitor facility performance.

You have been designated as a Lead Regulatory Administrator to assess the Millennium Healthcare Enterprise’s (MHE) facility that have been attacked and  agonized by the lost vital assets, eroded public confidence and damaged facility, but MHE is still determined to improve protection of asset and renovation of the damaged facility and continue as a functional organization.

Identify Millennium Healthcare Enterprise (MHE) weakness; if any.
    Apparently, MHE is so concerned about the public trust, Why?
    Identify the scope of offensive and defensive plan against future threat.