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Watch four television commercials – please explain whether you purposely sought to watch this commercial or if it came on while you were just watching TV and explain the program you were watching.  Then, answer the following for EACH of the four commercials you watched:

1. What is the product or service being sold?  (If there is no product or service, what is being sold?)

2. Who is the company sponsoring the product or service being sold? (Can you easily figure out the sponsor?)

3. Who is the commercial aimed towards (target market)? (examples: white women in their 30s, divorced males, senior citizens, parents, etc.)

4. What is the message of the commercial? (example: you will save money be shopping at this grocery store)

5. How does the commercial try to get your attention?

6. How does the soundtrack play a role in your interpretation of the commercial? (is there a voiceover? What kind of music – cheery, dreary, suspenseful, etc.)

7. How do the actors playing the characters affect your interpretation of the commercial? (If the character’s were dressed differently or of difference gender or race, would this change your perception of the commercial?)