900-1200 words essay

Paper Guidelines

Papers are to demonstrate critical engagement with the assigned readings, but will also be graded for the organization, style, and clarity of students’ own argument. A more detailed explanation of what is expected in these papers and how they will be assessed will be provided to the students in class and posted on Blackboard.


Be sure that your paper has a well-­‐articulated thesis in the opening paragraph— i.e.: state what you are going to argue—followed by supporting paragraphs in which you draw on information from the reading to build and defend your thesis. In other words, you need to make a claim and provide evidence to back it up.

In keeping with that requirement, I ask that you do two things:










1.) Separate your thesis from the body of the paper. Place it above the start of the paper. This prepares me for what the paper is going to be about, so I can start looking immediately for your arguments.

2.) Include at least four passages from the readings.

You may use any accepted method of citation. Since no outside sources are required for the paper, parenthetical documentation is fine. When citing from the course reader, you can simply write JOT and the page number, i.e.: (JOT, 28), but be sure to state in your text who you are quoting. Don’t just have a quote without attribution! For the Hebrew Scriptures and Gospel readings, you may choose to use standard biblical referencing—i.e. (Gen. 12:3).


In this and all other assignments, students are expected to act in accordance with

the policies on academic integrity set forth by the College of Arts and Sciences.

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