5 java programs | Computer Science homework help

1. Write a Java program which reads a text file called mydata.txt containing the following numbers: 23 18 78 64 28 39 92 93 69 and computes the minimum, maximum and sum of the numbers and puts the output in a file called myresults.txt. (10 Points)


Attach your java program and your input and output files.



2. Write a Java Program that prints out Division by Zero and Array Out of Bounds Exceptions when a User attempts to find all integers from 1 to 1000 whose last digit is 3, but which are not divisible by 3. Attach your java program and screen capture output. (10 Points)




3. Implement the following a Phone Address Book using the Array List data structure. The Phone Book should do the following: Add Name and Phone Number to Address Book, Edit Name and Phone Number, Delete an Entry, Display all Names and Phone numbers in the Address Book. Attach your Java Programs and Screen capture of each of the runs requested. (10 points)




4.Write a Java Program which prints out all 92 solutions of the 8-Queen Problem, but modify the program to display only those solutions which are not on the 4th row or 5th column of the 8×8 matrix. Attach your Java Program and Screen Capture of the runs. (10 points)




5. Write a Java Program which implements a Stack of Integers. An Integer should only be pushed into the stack if it is even or contains the number 7. Now pop all integers that contain 5 or 9. Do this for the first 100 numbers. Print out the numbers remaining in the stack after the Pop operation. Attach your Java Program and Screen Capture of the runs. (10 points)