1. consider the following relations. the primary keys are underlined.


1. Consider the following relations. The primary keys are underlined. All attributes are of type string if not indicated otherwise.

 Student(s_ID, s_name, s_degree: integer, advisorID, d_ID)

 Lecture(l_ID, l_name,l_degree: integer, p_ID, d_ID)

 Register(s_ID,l_ID,score: integer, Semester)

 Professor(p_ID,p_name, d_ID)

 Department(d_ID, d_name, address)

a. Find the names of professors who have taught in every semester.

b. List the names of lectures that the CISE department offers but that are taught by a professor whose department is not CISE.

c. Find the names of students who got the highest score in the lecture ‘Databases’.

d. Find the names of students who have registered every lecture of the CISE department.

e. Find the names of students who got more than 90 in the ‘DB’ lecture and less than 70 in the ‘Algorithm’ lecture.