1-2 | Operations Management homework help


Write the paper about Rougir Cosmetics International (RCI)  Prompt: To begin, you will first review a scenario about an organization that is experiencing challenges. After reading the scenario, you will then need to determine what these challenges are, consider how they should be prioritized, and devise a problem statement. Specifically, you must address the critical elements listed below. I. 

Problem Statement: A. Compose a summary of the external problems impacting the organization, namely, what challenges are being presented by the problems. B. Describe the internal organizational challenges identified by the stakeholders. In your response, be sure to take into consideration the vendor and supplier issues. C. Evaluate the goals of management in order to facilitate resolutions to the organizational challenges. D. Create a SWOT analysis in order to connect the organization’s goals and strategies to approaches management and employees may take to resolve the issues impacting it. E. Based on an evaluation of information provided in the scenario, write a problem statement that will need to be solved. 

 Your assignment must be 3–4 pages in length